Warped Realms #2

Warped Realms #2

Warped Realms is the most popular magazine in a far off galaxy cluster. Each issue is packed with sci-fi stories, art, and humor. A truly unique creation from graphic designer and writer Sean Russell (who writes under the pseudonym Sean Darklord, to avoid confusion with another writer of the same name). Warped Realms was inspired by my love of sci-fi. If you like National Lampoon or Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy', take a look at Warped Realms.

Each new issue features an original sci-fi adventure (in serial format) along with columns and advertisements. A whole new universe awaits...

Issue #2:
20 Pages
Feature Article: The Last Star Scam
Travel: Sola Vando
Cosmos Command: Episode 1
A new chapter from Hooligan Five, The Antiquarian, from his multi-volume memoirs
and much more...
Warped Realms has everything happening in the Galactic Cluster!

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT. Warped Realms contains some profanity and adult situations. Not appropriate for children.

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